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Had a good outing this weekend

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  • Had a good outing this weekend

    We went down to the little 1/8th mile track kind of close to us called Bonne Terre Drag Strip. We unloaded the car, have not changed a thing this winter, car also set an personal best et there last race we where out. First qualifying pass it smokes the tires. Come back and crew chief(aka my dad) LOL said he forgot the air tank so tires where low. We run a PBR so thought it should not of spun but maybe shook the tires if it was too low. Tried next pass with correct pressure and same result. I decide to try a 4 link lower bar change. WE do that and next pass it leaves but spins about 20 feet out. Next pass we lower air pressure on rears .5 lbs and I loosen the front extension on shocks all the way. Kept telling myself get ready to shift incase it decides to point upward. Well in all the thinking about shifting I forget to check steering wheel. Car launches great and I get a steering wheel in my hands that's not attached to anything. Car feels like it was going to do what I think it should.
    NOw we are going into first round. I put a 6.20 on the window. If it leaves the line it will run that. I have a decent light, he is just a tick better and on a double break out we know how that works. We buy back into that class as its first round.
    Got a good idea what she will run now that I got a solid 330 time. Throw a number on the window for 1st round of super pro this time. Get the w. We kept getting the win light all the way to the finals till I loose to a home town friend of mine. I turned it red by .005 and go 1 thousandth under dial. He was 50 dead on 5 so I would of had it had I had a decent green light. WE split the pot even up and raced for bragging rights. I lost in semis finals finally in pro.
    Felt good to get back to the track. Started out ruff but finished strong.
    The next day boating started great and finished horrible. Got cought in a huge storm. Hail, crazy wind, heavy rain, more wind, more hail, lol lightning. We where stuck in it for about 45 mins with the kids while the cat that beat me Sat in finals was sitting in my truck in line at the boat ramp. Told him he wins two nights in a row. LOL Kids where a little shooken up and wifes back is a little banged up from the hail while she was hovered over the kids under the helm trying to get out of it as much as possible. I was driving with about 60 other boats in a cove waiting for their trailers also. Hail and wind fing hurt the face. LOL
    All is good now. Took all morning to get everything out of the boat to get her dried out. Fans inside it now. She is wet in places I bet have never seen water.

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    Well done again Adam,

    the lake deal seemed a bit crazy brother hope your wife is ok the neighbors might think you beat her ! LOL !! Just kidding.
    enjoy the rest of your week brother.



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      Sounds like a fun day at the track and an "exciting" day at the lake!
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