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  • Paul's (PFlyer's) Political Reality

    Hello. In case anyone here missed my thread "Wanna' go for a ride?"...yes, it is a satirical, yet personally serious political commentary about being caught up in the movements that started much of our country's issues on top of the C19 problem. I'm referring to what went down in my city of Minneapolis and what's come of all that insanity since the obvious rioting. It is my opinion based upon my digging for facts. I too, like many of you, am trying to make sense of a world gone nuts at this time in history.

    The most important, oft said, thing I can share with you is to pay attention to your local politics and get out to VOTE when you are called upon to voluntarily do so. You may not know how important your little corner of the world can affect not only all the way up to Washington DC, but beyond the boarders of our great America.

    Please take a moment and go check out Wanna Go for a Ride post if you'd like. To those who commented on it, thank you....

    Sincerely, Paul Futcher, MrPFFlyer.

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    Truth spoken ^^^^^^^
    Thanks Brother !!