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Drag racing for long time with Family

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  • Drag racing for long time with Family

    How many of you guys managed to keep up Drag racing with all the crazy kids stuff and life in general? Seems like every year it gets harder and harder to find time to get to the track. I have 2 girls that are 11 and 6. Neither really shows any interest in the sport. So it seems like when we are not doing sports, gymnastics, etx we are at the lake. Then throw in having to work every other weekend and gearing up for building a house its harder and harder to find time to load up and go to track.
    Seems the sport is getting ultra crazy competitive any more too. Not .015 of better on the tree and dead on or one over you dont have a shot too.

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    I don't have any kids, and I don't go to the Track like I used to. Alot of my Friends have died off, or don't want to go anymore. Plus the fact we work hard all week, come home, and do all the things that homeowners have to do. By the time the weekend shows up, I want to take it easy and rest up my body.
    Thanks for the post. Good topic.



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      My daughter got the bug going to the track with me when she was 10 years old,put her in a jr. dragster and that was it. We spent every weekend at a track till she aged out at 18 by then my son had been in jrs since he was 8 and he stayed in till he aged out.I gave up racing myself for those 15 years to do the jr's with them. Back then it was much bigger than it is now,we traveled to many tracks after getting into some points series.Last time I put them all down was 22 different tracks,also some national events. My daughter wound up in my full size dragster for one season and then stepped away,My son then went into the Mustang for about 2 seasons.School,work,love life got in their way. Now I go sometimes but I had much more fun and went more often when they were racing. Life gets in the way sometimes and it's a shame,not to mention it is a lot of work to be competitive. Many weekends now I just like to hang around the house or drive my Firebird, but miss the track like hell also. My biggest problem is I'm not that much into driving but I like standing behind a car that I built and tuned and like to see them drive and win.When I do go now it's a chore.


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        Maybe you could spy a junior racer that needs a ride and go that route.