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Hydraulic Roller Lifters

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  • Hydraulic Roller Lifters

    The 496 I built for my old heap I am running Howards 91162 ( Morel 4603 ) hydraulic lifters and a Lunati cam in a gen IV block. I wanted to comment on the lifters and how well they are performing I have twisted it up to 6800 with no issue so far. I have read several reviews about the Morels and the noise issue that some have indicated that haunts them. I am also using Scorpion 1.7 rocker arms, trend pushrods, the cam power band is from 2500-6500 being it is a heavy street strip deal power mid range is what works best for this combo I feel. Any of you having issues with the Morel lifters ? One more tidbit of info Mobil 1 - 10-30 is the oil I am using.