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    Looks like a living room ornament to me but wifey disagrees


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      Does anyone care for an update where we sit now? There was a change in the plan from my side. I decided not to use my current BBC in this build, but get a totally new motor built by pro's instead. It hurts my wallet now but will hopefully be a smart move in the long run. I did thorough sourcing for months and contacted countless US builders who advertise their so called services. Not too many were interested on a guy who lives next to Russia. Like half of them did not even bother to answer at all, so it looks like the engine building business is really booming there and local money is worth more than mine. When you are operating remotely and sending money to other side of the world the communication needs to be perfect. I have learned with thousands of orders that if there is any lack on that area leave it be, the seller interest stops after money is sent in most cases. If a seller feels it's anoying me asking questions before closing a five figure deal so be it, if there are guys placing orders without detailed info good for them, I'm not doing it. As I wanted to spec the parts myself that dropped off many companies who have great combos avail but did not want to change a thing.

      The train kept rolling and vendors were thrown over the ceiling one after another for variable reasons. It may seem when you start a process like this that the options are unlimited. When one lives where I do they are not. Theres so many more puzzles in that have to drop in correct place. Trust me on that, it differs from you guys. At the end the decision was easy, Scott Ray from Ohiocrank is awesome dude. Has run the business for decades, used to race a Pro Mod, and was willing to work with me on this. We are at the final stage, it is fully paid and will leave their premises tomorrow towards my export forwarder in Texas. He will load it up in sea container and I will have a perfect christmas present if there's no hiccups in planned logistics.

      Here are the 540cid specs:

      World Merlin IV 9.8" deck block 4.500" bore
      Ohio Crank 4340 forged crank 4.25" stroke, double keyway snout upgrade for blower use
      Ohio Crank Extreme Duty I-beam rods 6.385" long w. ARP2000 bolts, upgrade from H-beams
      JE forged blower pistons -20cc dish. 8.4:1 CR zero decked
      Total Seal file fit rings
      Internal balance
      Comp Cams solid roller blower cam Duration 300/308 deg advertised, at 050" 255 int./262 exh, lift int .652"/ex .652" lobe sep. 114
      Morel solid roller lifters .300" longer
      Scorpion Race Series alu roller rocker arms 1.7:1 ratio 7/16" stud mount w. polylocks
      Roller timing set, thrust washer, cover
      Brodix DS365 heads. 2.30" intake 1.88" exhaust. Solid roller springs 255 lbs seat / 610 lbs open max lift .700" 1.950" installed height
      ARP head studs
      Fel Pro MLS gaskets
      Canton 7qt Drag Race oil pan, HV pump
      ATI double keyway SFI blower balancer w. hub
      OC SFI flexplate
      MSD small base pro billet distributor

      All the machine work and short block assembly is ofcourse done in house, also heads were ordered bare from Brodix and finished at Ohiocrank.
      I'm sure this package will provide solid base for my blower build and should be quite bulletproof on my hp level for years to come. There's plenty of oomph even with pump gas.

      I already pulled off the current powerplant and put it for sale. That was close to turn into disaster. The front wheel of my hoist went through a drain lid and the whole setup flipped just when the engine was at the highest point coming off between rails. Luckily nothing was broken but I needed all my creativeness to get out of that situation alone. Also needed to change my underwear. Now that drain has a thick metal lid...


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        ^ Wow, that was a close one !

        Best of luck with the new power plant. Those guys have a good reputation !


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          What a great choice in builder and parts FF, dam near a dream list of parts--LIKE IT! If something like the hoist adventure can be lucky you where, DAM! Take care and be Well----------------------Chuck


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            Thank you guys for the encouragement, appreciate your kind words!


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              Good luck my friend, can hardly wait for the first test fire. Warn the neighbors and tell them to buy earplugs, you're going to scare the Shit out of the kids and old ladies


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                Say Finn- your new Bullet is nice dude. Ohio Crank is solid. Really glad you didn’t get hurt when pulled the engine and the hoist failed brother. Can’t wait to hear the new engine running in that bad ass rail !!



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                  Dang it Finn! Glad you didn't get hurt.

                  BTW, YOU were one of the people that set a bad example for me.......

                  My new power for the will look a little bit prettier before too long.

                  Click image for larger version

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                  TRUMP 2020!


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                    Damn Sir!!

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                  Awesome Mitch, plain awesome! Can't wait to see your ride under blowah powah, Kobelco and mechanical injection sounds serious. Damn nice.


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                    Originally posted by FinnishFireball View Post
                    Awesome Mitch, plain awesome! Can't wait to see your ride under blowah powah, Kobelco and mechanical injection sounds serious. Damn nice.
                    Well Finn, I kind of jumped the gun with that first picture. I really did intend to buy that one. A phone call from someone else that heard I was looking for a blower motor changed everything.

                    After looking at that guys engine and a hemi that came out of a TAFC, I ended up with what is sitting in my car now...

                    Arias-Century solid block 540 bbc with 18 degree big chief heads.
                    LA Kryptonite crank
                    Brand new Fowler rods
                    New Diamond blower pistons
                    Enderle 1100 pump
                    Indy intake
                    Littlefield LM22 14-71 blower
                    Carbon fiber injector

                    Even got a box full of nozzles and buttons, blower belts, heads gaskets, extra head studs, pistons, etc.

                    Got a great deal on all of it!

                    TRUMP 2020!


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                      Good choice Mitch, no doubt. That Littlefield will fullfill any of your wishes for boost. Nice to hear you got a good package deal, and I know that is not synonyme for cheap . Is your transmission up to par handling that TORQUE you'll be sending through it?


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                        No, the transmission is not enough. I was going to upgrade my current transmission, but in the event that my car will handle more than 2000hp, I am parting ways with the current glide and having a new th400 built to handle big HP.
                        TRUMP 2020!